Being prepared for any crisis that could come your way


Crisis Preparation

A crisis is any event that is unexpected and leads to an unstable and dangerous situation.

Preparation is anticipation, precaution, prior measures, safeguards, provision, care prudence, fore site, forethought, anddreamstimefree_47869 Escape crissis expectation.

Being ready for any disaster that may pop up in one’s life is challenging on its own. A disaster/event is usually very devastating in our lives. We need to be able to make plans to be some what prepared prior to the event. We need to figure out where we could be most vulnerable in order to make plans to see us Thur the situations we may encounter in life.

Let’s consider some of the types of events that we may encounter in life:

  • Weather related events such as tornadoes, snow blizzards, hurricanes, ice storms, flooding, and droughts cannot be controlled by us personally but can be managed through careful thought and planning ahead of time!
  • Earth’s structural disasters like, volcanoes, earthquakes, and tsunami. If you are in one of the areas of the world that are known to be subject to these types of disasters, you should have a different thought process, planning process, and a plan of action ahead of time!
  • Personal events such as job loss, market crashes, home loss, mid-life, or health, also have to be considered and a plan of action on how you are going to deal with each one if it should happen to you!

An example of the of the types of events that occurred in 2012 is the fires in the Rocky Mountain Region of the United States of America, and the high wind and flooding in the Middle Atlantic Region of the United States of America, and also the Earthquake and Tsunami on the Coast of Japan in 2011. Millions of people have been affected by these events.

Now let’s look at some questions that we should consider and answer for ourselves:

  • What are we going to do to be ready in case one or more of these events happens to us?
  • Are we ready if we lose Electrical Power for a week or more?
  • What about when the store shelves are empty and they cannot be restocked for a week are more?

The roads will probably be impassable in the event of a major disaster that could last weeks even months.

These are all situations we could find ourselves in with very little or no notice ahead of time for us to put together a plan of action.

With this website (crisis-preparation), I plan to write articles and add a blog roll to expound on ways to become prepared in case one of these disasters becomes a reality for any one of us. I will be doing research to put together information that is useful in making plans for the various issues we have discussed so we can have crisis preparation.




One Response to Crisis Preparation

  1. Really crucial information here. I’m all for having the knowledge for advanced planning. We’ve had terrible fires here in California over the years and one never know when tragedy can strike.

    Thank you for sharing your expertise.


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